The countdown is on! Celebrate the 24th year of honoring Ina Mak̇a (Mother Earth) during the SMSC’s Earth Week Extravaganza. This springtime event offers daily quizzes and prizes April 22-26 as well as a variety of interactive tables and booths for all team members April 25 in the Playworks LINK Event Center parking lot. Join Land and Natural Resources and the many other departments who help host this great event and experience all the extravaganza has to offer!

SMSC is a Leader in Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability isn’t just something we believe in, but an initiative that we actively strive to improve upon each day. The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community continues to be a leader in eco-friendly projects that help improve our environment and natural resources. Check out this video to learn more on how our team enacts sustainable measures throughout the Community!

SMSC Earth Week Extravaganza 2024 Events Include:

Eat Your Yard
Come learn about fruiting shrubs and take home a Juneberry plant for your yard!

Get the Lead Out!
Learn steps to protect local water bodies from pollutants and discover how using nontoxic fishing tackle protects our local wildlife.

Herb Pots
Back by popular demand! Come get your hands dirty and make your own herb pot.

Learn About the SMSC’s Pteptaye Program
The SMSC has brought pte (bison) relatives back to SMSC homelands. Learn more from the Land and Natural Resources Department.

Minnesota Center from Prior Research and Outreach (MNPRO)
Staff from MNPRO will be available to answer questions about human and animal prior diseases including chronic wasting disease (CWD), a disease found in deer, elk, and mouse populations.

My Voice Matters
This Earth Week, let your elected officials know why protecting Mother Earth is important to you by writing them a letter.

No Mow May
Pause your mowing during the month of May (especially the beginning), which allows flowers to bloom early season pollinators.

Nonstick Might Stick Forever
Learn how to find better alternatives to a highly persistent group of synthetic chemicals that have been used in various everyday products since the 1950s.

Regenerate Your Soil with Compost
Come learn about how using compost can help regenerate and repair depleted soils, reduce erosion, and improve plant yields.

Practice Sustainability at Work

As the largest employer in Scott County, we have made it our mission to provide and encourage sustainable practices within our teams. Each office area is equipped with tools to help minimize our carbon footprint, including renewable energy sources, composting bins, LED lights, and more. Our Land and Natural Resources Department works diligently to continue to provide opportunities and education within for everyone in the Community to practice sustainability with ease. Watch this video to learn more about these initiatives.